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work) who owned their own family business in Berkeley.  They owned property in Salter Street, but were tenants of Pumphouse Cottage (part of the Berkeley Estate).  The females did dressmaking, bonnet making and several were schoolteachers.  One Cope family were Innkeepers in Berkeley.  In the 1860‘s one of my Grandfather’s older brothers was sent to Rugby School and he later became a teacher.
          My Grt. Grt. GRANDFATHER, WILLIAM COPE Snr. (1790 - 1852)
was baptised on 1st Dec. 1790 and it was his eldest son William who was the subject of Stephen Jenner’s painting.  William senior was the first baby vaccinated by Dr. Edward Jenner and members of his family used to play with the Jenner children.  A number of Jenner artefacts, such as fire irons, Wedgewood teapots (photograph on previous page) and so on, were given to William’s wife Eliza by Edward Jenner shortly before he died on 24th January 1824 and were handed down within our family.  In the early 1980‘s my Aunts and Uncles presented these artefacts to the Jenner Museum.  Both teapots were on display at the Museum in July 2006 at my last visit.
            My Great GRANDFATHER, GEORGE COPE (1825 - 1889)
was, like his Father, a Pargeter and worked for the family business.  We know very little about George and his wife Eliza (nee Greening) mainly because my Father wasn’t born until 10 years after George’s death and almost 1 year after his Grandmother’s death.
            My GRANDFATHER, EGBERT COPE (1866 - 1939)
started off as a grocer’s assistant in a relative’s shop in Bristol, then found his way to London, and joined a firm of furniture wholesalers, where he started as a warehouseman, then worked his way up to senior furniture and carpet buyer.  By the time he died in his early 70‘s (still working for the same company) in 1939 he was one of their senior managers.  He was a considerable amateur athlete, swimming, tug-of-war and rowing being
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(Above)  A tankard presented to Egbert Cope.  Inscribed W.E.A.S.A. Patrons and Vice President’s Race 1907.  Won by E. Cope Grove House.  The cup is heavy EPNS and I think must have been for swimming.
(Right)   This is an interesting document issued by the Amateur Athletics Association formally agreeing that although he’d competed at a Professional Tug-of-War meeting some time earlier, they had investigated and he was declared requalified to retain his amateur status.